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Over the years, we have created both inspiring and humorous homestead slogans that capture the original meaning but with a modern twist. Each shirt will have the slogan on the front and our Historic Anderson Farms logo on the back with homestead for life and our site link. Moreover, we print these custom shirts ourselves here in the good 'ol USA!


Choose from the following slogans (List 1 includes 1-40 on the drop down; List 2 includes 41-65 from the drop down):


1) Historic Anderson Farms (logo on the front, homestead for life on the back)

2) Big J Er’body say, “Hey!”

3) Let's shoot the bull... then eat him.

4) Don’t throw away the whey!

5) Food is medicine.

6) Don't get my goat... she's mine!

7) The original goat tee.

8)When the chickens come to roost, lock 'me up tight... everything likes to eat chicken!

9) When all your ducks get in a row ... take a picture b/c no one will believe you!

10) Man's two best friends are his dog and his truck/tractor.

11) I'm the king of old used stuff: debt-free life.

12) When you're looking for a needle in a haystack use a metal detector.

13) The hogs get slaughtered.

14) We live wrapped around the axle.

15) It’s ok to cry over spilt milk, especially if you just milked the goat.

16) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket... use an egg carton.

17) If the row is too hard to hoe...get one of your kids to do it.

18) If you think pressure canning is NOT scary, then you are probably used to metro city traffic.

19) When the cows come home, watch where you step.

20) If the weeds are struggling, you might want to find a new spot.

21) If you walk in the field and feel itchy a couple days later, don’t worry it’s just’ll clear up in a few weeks.

22) A cow patty is not a hamburger.

23) Get out of the rat race...homestead for life.

24) Air Conditioning = “Modern” Homesteading 

25) Home Sweet Homestead 

26) If you are married to a good sturdy strong willed woman, you have grabbed the bull by the horns. Never let go.

27) Thick gals get it done...homestead for life.

28) If you’re in a jam, bake biscuits.

29) I’ll be honest with you ... well, that’s better then being dishonest.

30) Children are a blessing ... one day you’ll need your diaper changed too.

31) Pressure Canning. Live life on the edge...Homestead for Life.

32) Some marry for true love...My wife married me for my tasty vegetables.

33) Accomplishing twice as much in half the time...Homeschool 

34) I bake my cake and eat it too...Homestead for life.

35) Fresh is best.

36) Farm to fork.

37) Farm to table.

38) Visit your local Farmer's Market!

39) Kindness is always in season.

40) Homestead = Heart stead.

41) Home Sweet Homestead

42) Homestead for Life

43) Got dirt?

44) Caution: Tractor Xing Speed Limit 10-12 MPH.

45) Happy days are spent baking (canning, farming, cooking, fishing, sewing, etc).

46) Real Farms have weeds and poop.

47) Don't put all your eggs in one basket, use a carton.

48) If you work a good horse to death, you're left with all the bad ones.

49) Don't count your chickens before they hatch, unless you have a candling light.

50) It's okay to cry over spilt milk, especially if you just finished.

51) When it rains, it pours.

52) When it's dry, it cracks.

53) Homegrown > store bought

54) Don't get wrapped around the axle.

55) Fight the 10 plagues.

56) Real nature fun: more danger, less life.

57) Plant something; watch it grow.

58) Keep learning; keep growing.

59) Straw hats, rubber boots, gloves and beards allowed.

60) Not perfect, but hardworking.

61) Your work ethic = the amount of dirt under your fingernails.

62) Wanted: Denim bibbed overalls 

63) The size of the homestead is directly proportional to the size of the family it supports.

64) Clean is my favorite language.

65) Homestead Crossfit Working Muscles.


Choose from the following colors: blue, black, gray, pink, red, yellow

Choose from the following sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large

Homestead For Life T-Shirt List 1: 1-40

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