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CSI Presentations & Education

Engaging CSI Presentation! 


“Providence & Crime Scene Investigation w/ Real Case Studies!”

Better Than TV!

By Jeramy Anderson

Former Civilian CSI-Norcross Police Department

Churches, Homeschool Groups, Civic Organizations, Clubs, and More

First Session: 45 minutes (Multiple Case Studies)

Break: 15 min with Q&A

Second Session: 30 minutes (Focused Case Study)

Final: 30 min Q&A


Group Events $100

Churches & Home School Groups $75



All Group Events $50

Family or Individual $20


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A Production by Historic Anderson Farms


By Jeramy Anderson

Former USAF Satellite Operations, Civilian CSI-Norcross PD, 

Biblical Languages Scholar

Math Tutoring

(Zoom or Local On-site)

$25/session 45 minutes each

Biblical Languages


Intro to Biblical Hebrew

6 sessions $25/session 45 minutes each

Intro to Biblical Greek

6 sessions $25/session 45 minutes each

committed language students who excel may continue further studies


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